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Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook For Iridology

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Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook For Iridology
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Hundreds of photos, charts and Illustrations!

A Complete Textbook On Iridology_

As Taught byEllen Tart-Jensen Ph.D.,D.Sc.,CCII


One of the most up to date Iridology textbooks available in the world today. Clearly written with hundreds of color photographs and illus­trations. 

BeautifullyIllustrated with Educational Color Graphs and Charts


Reviews the Remarkable International Historyand Roots of Iridology with Historical Iridology Charts from Around the World


Teaches in Depth Comprehensive Iridology™ as is approved by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)

Definition of Iridology and What It Can and Cannot Do

Iris Zones

The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Eye

Iris Fiber Structure, Density, and Resilience

Iris Color and Pigmentation


Includes Detailed Instruction With Color Graphs and Iris Photographs On:


The Latest Research on Ways the Eyes Change

The Many and Varied Iris Constitutions Based on Color & Struc­ture with Informative Nutritional Recommendations for Each

A Complete Review of the Collarette and What It Indicates About Vitality Levels and Digestive Ability

The Various Pupil Shapes and What They Indicate About the Health of the Spine and Bodily Organs

Iris Signs, Lacuna Types, Transversal Signs, and Iris Syndromes With Specific Arrows to Signs Within Iris Photographs

Sclera Signs with Arrows and Explanations

Diseases, Injuries, and Deformities of the Eye

Detailed Iris Analysis and Instructions On How to Perform an Iris Analysis


Personal Stories and Explanations Provided By the Author from Her 25 Years of Experience Teaching Iridology and Working With Thousands of Clients

Ellen Tart-Jensen has created an informational website on Iridology!


On this website, you will learn how to analyze the eyes, find answers to your frequently asked questions, read updated news blogs about iridology and become informed about certification in iridology.

You can also find free downloads about iridology and be able to order Ellen Tart-Jensen’s E-Books and video tutorials.  If you want to learn more about iridology, this educational website is a must to visit!

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