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Iridology Tutorial DVD & Textbook

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Iridology Tutorial DVD & Textbook
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This course includes….

Techniques in Iris Analysis DVD Tutorial and Textbook!

The Techniques in Iris Analysis” DVD Tutorial, places you in the front row of a virtual classroom

And, you're taught by one of today's foremost Iridology experts,

Our training course instruction offers an engaging and interactive learning environment that allows you to take advantage of all three learning styles – auditory, visual and tactile – for greater memory retention of the material being presented.

You’ll be able to both see and hear Ellen as she demonstrates how Iridology can reveal inherent strengths and deficiencies in organs, glands and tissues.

Our Techniques in Iris Analysis Video is Your Chance to Get Tutored by an Iridology Expert

Step by step guidance throughout the entire process!

Ellen will take you step by step through the Iris Analysis process, providing you with additional tips and techniques that you can use and letting you see exactly what you need to do to properly conduct Iris Analysis.

Enjoy State of the Art Video Instruction!

Look over a noted expert’s shoulder as she uses Iridology to show the potential ability of an organ to react to illness.

Ellen also explains how to use Iridology to show familial patterns of various syndromes and pathologies, such as gastrointestinal disorders, hypoglycemia, blood anomalies or heart problems.

By watching our video, you will also discover how Iridology can show certain foods that a person could have difficulty digesting or utilizing; what areas of the spine may have subluxation; potential central and autonomic nervous system imbalance and circulatory disturbances; potential connective tissue deficiency and a tendency for varicose veins, hiatal hernias, hemorrhoids, or scoliosis; and much more.

Another benefit of having the video is you can stop, pause, fast forward and rewind to ensure you fully understand important points.

In a traditional class if you don’t understand something the first time it is presented you have to try to figure it out from the context of what was said after or you have to ask a question and stop the teacher in his tracks.

With our DVD, you can just rewind and play it again. Plus, you can watch the video an unlimited number of times.

If you learn better by seeing and hearing rather than just reading, this is the tool for you! In this video, Ellen demonstrates as well as thoroughly explains Iris Analysis techniques so you get an in-depth, comprehensive education!

Additionally you’ll get the …..

Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook! 

It’s Never Been Easier to Learn Iridology Thanks to our Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook!

You can learn Iridology right from the comfort of your own home or office.

Techniques In Iris Analysis contains Hundreds of Photos, Charts and Illustrations!

A Complete Textbook On Iridology As Taught by Ellen Tart-Jensen Ph.D.,D.Sc.,CCII. One of the most up to date Iridology textbooks available in the world today.

Clearly written with hundreds of color photographs and illustrations.

Beautifully illustrated with Educational Color Graphs and Charts to review the remarkable international History and Roots of Iridology, with Historical Iridology Charts from around the world. Teaches in Depth Comprehensive Iridology™ as is approved by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)

Personal Stories and Explanations Provided By the Author from Her 30 Years of Experience Teaching Iridology and Working with Thousands of Clients!

In short, Iridology can provide you with important information that you could leverage to provide better, more accurate care. It doesn’t matter if you are a chiropractor, nutrition counselor, colon hydrotherapist, acupuncturist or any other type of alternative health practitioner,learning iridology can make you better at what you do.

  • International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) Approved!
  • 100% “concentrated” Iridology training, “No fluff” and No seminar footage!

  • It contains, Full Screen iris images and illustrations along with written annotations!
  • Up To Date information Taught by world renowned Iridologist Ellen Tart-Jensen!
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