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How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Posted by Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., C.C.I.I on 5/29/2012 to Nutrition


How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off




What Causes Weight Gain


There are many reasons why we gain weight.  In the U.S., fast foods that are loaded with calories, bad fats, sugar and salt are cheap and easily accessible.  We have gotten in such a hurry; home cooked meals are becoming a thing of the past.  Perhaps you saw the movie, Supersize Me, and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely watch it.  It shows clearly how easy it is to gain weight and become very ill within a short time of eating fast foods.  So gaining weight has to do with the ingredients in what goes in the mouth on a regular basis.  White flour, white sugar, white rice, white pasta, white milk, foods fried in deep grease all cause weight gain.  Another reason for weight gain is eating in a hurry.  When we are revved up inside, we do everything faster than we would if we are taking our time.  Have you ever watched a hyper person eat?  They cram food in the mouth rapidly without chewing.  They swallow in gulps.  They end up eating a lot more food because they don’t give their brain a chance to let them know when they are full.  It takes time for the brain to let you know you are satiated.  Eating too much, too fast causes weight gain. 

            Eating to soothe the emotions is a cause of weight gain.  Some people eat out of boredom or loneliness.  They eat foods that represent love to them.  If parents gave them sweets as a child for a reward, they will eat sweets when they are sad.  Sometimes, people sit at home at night and eat and eat.  They are not even conscious of what or how much they have consumed.

            Then there are biochemical reasons for weight gain.  Caffeine, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners can cause people to gain weight because they upset the biochemical balance of the adrenals and pancreas.  All of these non-foods are stimulants and kick the adrenals to produce too much adrenaline, which kicks the pancreas to produce too much insulin.  Insulin gobbles up the natural blood sugar in the body and drops us really low and causes us to feel starved.  This can happen right after we’ve eaten a big meal that included any of these substances.  I have clients tell me that even after eating a big meal, they still feel hungry.  They are not really hungry.  Their body is stuffed, but the blood sugar has dropped.  Nevertheless, they continue munching even after the meal to try to stop that hungry feeling.

            A low thyroid function can also cause weight gain.  The thyroid is responsible for metabolism or the rate at which the food is processed and utilized.  Test your thyroid by putting a thermometer under the arm first thing in the morning.  Menstruating women should begin on the second day of their period.  Test the temperature under the arm for six days in a row.  The temperature should be between 97.8 and 98.2 for normal thyroid function.  Below 97.8, the thyroid is low.  If the thyroid is low, Dulse tablets can help bring it into balance.  Dulse is a seaweed high in iodine from the cold waters of Nova Scotia.  Eating seaweeds such as dulse, nori, hijiki and kelp are also helpful.

            Acids create weight gain.  When the body is acidic on a regular basis, it will create fat to protect it from acidity.  Alkaline forming foods are vegetables.  Acid forming foods are meats, grains, and beans.  Fruits are alkaline forming but we should only eat one or two a day because they can also cause weight gain due to the sugar content.  Avoid drinking too much fruit juice as well.  Fruit juice is concentrated sugar.  A nice drink to substitute with is water with fresh lemon and a little stevia to sweeten with or water with just two ounces of organic apple juice.  Almonds and millet are more alkaline forming than all the other nuts and grains.  Soaking nuts, grains, and beans before eating or cooking helps them to become more alkaline because they start sprouting on the inside.  Soaking helps break down enzyme inhibitors and helps improve absorption as well.  Sugar, white flour, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, coffee, and black tea are very acidic.  We should have 80% alkaline foods each day and 20% acidic whole foods per day.  We should never consume those highly acidic substances that really have no nourishment for the body.

            Poor digestion can cause weight gain.  When the digestion is sluggish and food including sugars, carbs and fats do not digest properly, the body will turn it into fat.  When the bowel is congested because of constipation, the fat will be absorbed from the bowel and taken into the body rather than out of the body.

            A lack of exercise can cause weight gain.  Exercise raises the metabolism levels and burns fat for fuel.  Regular exercise will keep the metabolism working at a higher level on an ongoing basis.  We should walk about two miles a day at a vigorous clip or jump on the rebounder about half an hour per day.  Other good weight loss exercises are swimming, hiking and biking.  Jogging is good, but you must have on good jogging shoes and try not to hit hard pavement.


How to Lose Weight and Keep it off


            So to lose weight and keep it off, we need to get in touch with our bodies.  We need to move and breathe in rhythm, balance and harmony.  Sit down for meals and eat slowly to give the brain a chance to register that you are full.  Avoid all of the non-foods listed here that can cause weight gain.  Just leaving those things off will cause you to feel less hungry and more balanced inside.  Try to eat three meals a day with lunch being the largest meal and dinner being the smallest.  If you are hungry in between meals, stop and have a wholesome snack.  If you don’t stop to eat, if you eat on the run, you will not metabolize properly and the food can go to fat.  Choose most of your foods from the vegetable kingdom.  If you eat nuts and seeds, soak them overnight and it will take sixty per cent of the fat out.  If you eat meat, choose only lean meat, fish or poultry that is organic.  Avoid pork because it is high in fat.  Poultry and fish are lower in calories and digest easier than red meat.  Organic, fertile eggs with soft yolks are high in lecithin which emulsifies cholesterol in the arteries.  Low fat yogurt or cottage cheese with friendly bacteria is a better choice than pasteurized milk.  Beans and whole grains are high in fiber and help to cleanse the digestive tract.  Eat plenty of fiber each day.

            Drink lots of water.  We should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water per day.  75% of our bodies are made of water and we must drink water to keep our cells hydrated moving toxins out and nutrients in.  I recommend the Enagic Water Machine for water purification and alkalinization.  I have been drinking this water for three years and have noticed tremendous improvements in my digestion and elimination.  The wonderful thing about this water is it has molecules that are ionic in size and six sided in shape like beautiful snowflakes.  It is as close to the water that comes off the high mountains as we can get unless we go to the mountains.  Because the molecules are six sided, it is absorbed much more easily into the cells and released much more easily as well.  It does not cause water retention and bloating like most water.  All bottled water is acidic and because it has sat around for a while in the bottles, the molecules become five sided – bottled water is dead water.  Plastic often leaches into bottled water as well forming toxins and xenoestrogens that can wreak havoc with the hormones.  The Enagic Machine makes delicious Kangenwater, which means “return to origin.”  By drinking alkaline water and flushing out the toxins at the cellular level, weight loss occurs easily.  Acids are released so the body no longer has to lay down fat to protect itself.

            Make sure your bowels are moving from two to three times per day.  Fat is absorbed from foods in the small intestines and when the bowel is sluggish, people gain weight.  Eating six vegetables per day and two fruits per day will provide you with the 80% alkaline foods.  It will also help sweep the intestinal tract clean. 

            Address your emotions, if you find you are eating for emotional reasons.  Find some other enjoyable things to do rather than eat.  Make a list of what nurtures and comforts you other than food.  Put the list on the refrigerator.  The next time you catch yourself wanting to eat when you are really not hungry, do one of those fun things instead.  When you’ve done the fun thing, it is likely you will have forgotten your need for sweets.

            For complete meal plans, recipes, exercises, weight loss tips, cleansing plans, and emotional release suggestions, read Health is Your Birthright, How to Create the Health You Deserve.

            Some helpers with weight loss are the following:  Digest-It, Cleanse-It, and System Six.  By taking two Digest-It just before eating, it will insure that food gets digested properly and not turned to fat.  By taking 2-3 Cleanse-It at night, the colon will cleanse itself so that it won’t harbor excess fats to be reabsorbed by the blood and taken out to the body.  System Six is a wonderful weight loss aide that helps to burn fat in six different ways.  It contains citrus aurantium a key component of xenedrol that helps to give you energy without the side effects of ephedra.  It has 5-HTP and St. John’s Wort which helps the brain produce serotonin to keep one from being depressed and going for the cookies.  It has a combination of L-Carnitine, Choline, B vitamins, spirulina and ginger to provide energy, good metabolism and keep one from being hungry.  The tyrosine in this product converts into nor epinephrine, which the brain and body use to reduce appetite.  For thermogenesis and fat burning, it provides herbs such as cayenne and guarana.  For lean muscle support, it has chromium picolinate that is essential for sugar metabolism.  Greater muscle mass helps one to burn more fat even while you sleep.  Chromium will help balance the pancreas and stop sweet cravings.  And finally, one can drink chickweed tea on a regular basis in place of caffeinated drinks to provide energy and help burn the fat.

            Have a wonderful month!  Get out in the fresh air and sunshine as much as you can and exercise.  Oxygen from fresh air exercise will provide lots of energy, improve circulation, and keep you from being hungry.


Yours in good health,


Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., C.C.I.I.

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