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 I have so loved working with iridology over the last 30 years to assist others in understanding their health – both their strengths and areas that needed more care.Growing up, I had scoliosis – 


 a pretty severe curvature of the spine, and when I was twelve years old, the doctors said I needed surgery.  They inserted a 16” stainless steel rod and I was in the hospital for five months and a body cast for a year.  That orthopedic hospital was 200 miles from our home in N.C. and my family was only allowed to visit me twice a week on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday afternoons for two hours.  As I was strapped in a bed for three months, I lay there wondering why this had happened to me and how I could help others without needles, knives, and drugs. When I was in my early twenties, I discovered iridology and good nutrition by reading one of Dr. Jensen’s famous books, I was amazed! Here was a form of analysis that was non-invasive and offered a way to analyze a person’s health and guide them with the foods, nutrients and exercises they needed to get well or better still prevent possible inherited health concerns.  We could look into the eyes of a child and detect a genetic tendency for blood sugar imbalances and counsel the parents to nourish them with healthy foods and avoid sweets to help prevent the diabetes that the child’s parent or grandparent had.  The scoliosis in me was genetic on my mother’s side. Had my parents known to take me to an iridologist, they could have guided me way ahead of time with proper nutrition, foods for the bones, minerals, exercises and therapies that may have prevented the surgery.


Fast forward, many years later.  I was so blessed to have found a way to go to Dr. Jensen’s Hidden Valley Health Ranch in California and study with him.  After the seminar of over 100 students, he hired me to work with him. What a miracle! It was a dream come true. When that happened, I felt so extremely blessed.  I worked for him, learned from him, traveled with him to his classes and helped him photograph and analyze eyes. I even assisted him with writing some of his books and teaching.  Along the way, I fell in love with Dr. Jensen’s son, Art who worked as manager of the Hidden Valley Health Ranch and we eventually were married. Together we have worked very hard to carry on Dr. Jensen’s work through Bernard Jensen International that he passed on to us.  Right before he passed away, he held my hand and looked in my eyes and said, “Never let go of iridology Darling and never forget the common people.  Iridology should be for everyone; even the parents who need to help their children.” I promised him I never would.

This year, we are celebrating the sixth year of the publication of my iridology textbook, Techniques in Iris Analysis.  This book is 387 pages of complete iridology training.  It has beautiful illustrations, charts and color photographs designed to help you learn.  It has received worldwide acclaim and is being used in many different countries as their iridology textbook.  This year, I will be traveling to lecture in Sri Lanka at the Iridology International Congress. Other years, I have taught in Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Switzerland and many other places throughout this country and abroad.  We have students all over the world and IIPA Certified Iridologists worldwide. Would you like to study and learn iridology?

This month, to honor the sixth anniversary of my iridology textbook and two part DVD tutorial, we are offering them both together at an amazing special price of only $200.  That is over a $60 savings. The tutorial is a wonderful DVD set filmed of me teaching each chapter of the book. On this DVD you will see and hear me teach each concept and point to the area of the iris that is being taught.  Through this set, you can learn iridology with the information you need to become certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA). The book goes step by step and I teach each section step by step to make learning iridology easy and fun.  On the tutorial I point to specific eye signs with excellent color photographs so that you can see clearly each point taught in the book. You can even pause and rewind if you need to in order to really learn that concept.


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In addition, along with this special, we are offering as a gift to you - a treasured letter that was written by Dr. Bernard Jensen to all those interested in natural health care throughout the world as well as to Art and me just before he passed away.  This is truly a collector’s item for your library. I find myself going back to it time and again to read his message. It is most uplifting with a timeless message to all of us in the natural healing field. His words describe his life starting as a young chiropractor in 1929 and how he desired to treat everyone who was suffering and in need of help.  He goes on to say after working with 350,000 patients in his lifetime; he was firmly convinced that nutrition is the greatest single therapy to be applied in the wholistic healing arts along with iridology. He says that iridology is the “eye” of the natural healing arts, the window through which the wholistic perspective on health becomes understandable.  You will love this letter.

Also, those who receive this package and request it will receive a      personally signed copy of my iridology textbook.  (Please allow an extra week for shipping.)


Yours in Great Health!
Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII

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