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The Amazing Wisdom 

of Dr. Bernard Jensen;
My Beloved Teacher
            From time to time throughout history, a wonderful soul is born that is a living light shining the way for us all.  I consider Dr. Bernard Jensen to have been one of those people.  He suffered many hardships growing up with his mother dying of tuberculosis when he was a young boy, leaving him as the oldest son to care for his younger brother and sister.  His father was very harsh and strict.  He left home at the age of fourteen and started working at a creamery while finishing high school and college.  He entered Chiropractic College at eighteen years of age and graduated when he was 21 years old.  He was the youngest chiropractor in the state of California.  Years of hard work and poor diet caused him to become very ill with hemorrhaging in the lungs.  Doctors did not know what to do for him, so they sent him home to die.  As destiny would have it, he met a wonderful Seventh Day Adventist medical doctor who taught him about nutrition and put him on a strict eating program, which saved his life.  He was able to continue working with his patients and taught them all that he had learned from the nutritional doctor, with great results.  This work in natural healing and nutrition set the stage for his life-long journey of study and practice of nutrition and natural healing.  He traveled and studied with all of the most famous naturopaths, nutritionists, iridologists, and chiropractors of his day.  He began to write books about what he had learned and lectured to large audiences.  He opened a health sanitarium in Ben Lomond and then Alta Dena, California where people came from all over to get well.  Later he left Alta Dena and opened a 200 acre health retreat in Escondido, California called the Hidden Valley Health Ranch.  It was a beautiful place with flowers, flowing water, organic orchards, gardens, and green houses.  Food for the guests came from the rich soil there.    People came from all over the world to get well.  I was studying at a natural healing clinic in Switzerland and traveled to the Hidden Valley Health Ranch to study iridology and nutrition with Dr. Jensen.  It was an incredible experience.  Later, after the course was over, Dr. Jensen invited me to stay there and work with him.  It was a dream come true for me.  I worked by his side for many years and assisted him with his classes in this country and abroad.  I also saw many people with terrible illnesses come to the Hidden Valley Health Ranch and heal through cleansing, proper nutrition, cold water walking, sand walking, grass walking, castor oil packs, color therapy, and many other healing modalities.  Dr. Jensen wrote over 50 books and taught in over 50 countries.  His legacy lives today in his works.
In this newsletter, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to this great man for all he did for me.  I would like to highlight for you some of Dr. Jensens beautiful books and DVDs so that you too will have the opportunity to learn from this special master.  He is still alive to this day, because of his books, e-books, and DVDs.  My wonderful husband, Art Jensen, and I have worked hard to preserve Dr. Bernard Jensens wisdom so that you too can get well from these timeless healing principles. 
Nutrition Can Develop Good Health  4 DVDs of Dr. Bernard Jensen at his finest - teaching Nutrition and Natural Healing Methods at the university in Hawaii.  Here you will have the opportunity to see and hear Dr. Jensen teaching you step-by-step the foods you should eat, foods you should avoid, foods to leave off and foods to replace with, foods that help to nourish and heal each body system, the chemical elements of foods and the organs and glands that need those specific nutrients.  From these DVDs the sick will learn to get well, the well will learn how to stay healthy.  You will learn how to feed yourself and your children and your family.  You will also learn a philosophy that will provide you with an unshakable foundation for everyday healthy living as Dr. Jensen covers various ailments and what to do for healing.
Vibrant Health From Your Kitchen  In this awesome book, Dr. Jensen states, I feel there is an obligation on my part to share what I know about building good health through foods.  Some of you may have ignored the path of health wisdom and have taken the easy way or the convenient way the fast track. . .Sometimes it takes a serious health problem to bring us to the place where we are willing to pay attention.  I come to you as an ambassador of goodwill, an ambassador of gifts of health knowledge, food knowledge knowledge of the better things in life.   And indeed, Dr. Jensen filled this book with so much information; you can literally use it as a manual to live by.  He teaches about the food laws, food from soil to kitchen, how we accumulate toxins and how to get rid of them, allergies and food allergies, how to get rid of Candida Albicans, survival foods, a daily health and harmony food program with meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and recipes, children and teens and nutritional deficiencies, the wheat story, how to equip your healthy kitchen, how to shop for nutritional values, raw juices, tonics, and broths, the composition of foods including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol, lecithin, fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.  He also includes specialty foods and supplements, herbs for health and seasoning, brain and nerve foods, feeding the bowel with probiotics, the great benefits of chlorella, cleansing and the reversal process, nutrition and our nation western medicine and alternative therapies.  You will love this book!
Food Healing for Man  In this book, Dr. Jensen writes, The diet is the foremost consideration in any therapy.  Most treatments take care of pains, aches, and other symptoms.  True healing follows Herings law of cure which states that all disease is cured from within out, from the head down and in the reverse order as it has built up in the body.  New tissue has to take the place of old tissue.  Only food builds new tissue.  The body repairs itself and gets rid of disease by replacing old tissue with new and by throwing off old toxic material.   Here Dr. Jensen delves deeply into nutrition and the bodys defenses.  He teaches the neglected bio-chemical story and how to conquer disease and degenerative disease.  He talks about the chemical flood we live in today and how to detoxify chemicals from the body.  He includes fasting and elimination diets, basic and special nutritional programs for all areas of life and all ages, proper food combining, the role of enzymes, acidity in the body, the importance of good bowel health (infection lives in bowel pockets), how to build good hair, skin, teeth, bones, muscles, organs, and glands.  He also reviews specific properties of juices, tonics, and broths for various health and healing benefits and much more.  This is a treasure trove of wisdom!
The Healing Mind of Man - No matter what your religion, this book lifts one up in spiritual awareness.  In this book, Dr. Jensen goes deep into the importance of our thoughts.  He teaches about the healing power of good thoughts on the nervous system and entire body.  He covers the spiritual aspect of healing, the divine plan for man/womans life, the cause of stress and the importance of silence.  Pills do not solve problems.  In the silence, there is strength.  He talks about living a life of happiness, taking the higher road of consciousness, lifting your vibrations from illness to health, coming alive with the mental and spiritual, laws that govern our lives, and ways to let go of anxiety.  He teaches how to establish an emotional, mental, spiritual ground to stand on and how to walk in beauty in order that we may see beauty.  We all search for utopia and it can be here for us right here and right now.  Thought comes first, action follows.  Dr. Jensen says, This book may be the beginning of a new life for you, the dawning of that long awaited change in your life that will then help you to inspire all those whom you may contact.  This is a soothing book for the mind and spirit with a beautiful carpet of words to guide you into more peace and greater joy.

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IRIDOLOGY LEARNING SPECIAL-9 DVD Set, Workbook, 4 Part CD Rom, Through the Eyes of the Masters, 5 CD Roms
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