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This amazing deal comes with:
1) Pupil Tonus
2) Contraction Furrows Sclera Signs Syndromes
3) Using Iridology To Determine Both Physical & Emotional Characteristics
4) Iris Constitutions & Remedial Therapies
5) Iridology & Natural Health For Children
6) Balancing Body Chemistry
7) The Environment, Nutrition & Immunity
8) Whole Body Cleansing Program Through Bowel Management
9) Pre-Cancerous Signs In The Iris
10) The Adrenal Gland & The Cortisol Connection
11) Collarette Signs
12) History Of Iridology: Roots & Current Applications
13) Iris Constitutions
14) Iris Signs
15) Iris Pigments
16) Lacuna Types
17) Using Iridology To Balance Body Chemistry
18) In Depth Iridology Case Studies & Therapies For Adults
19) Iridology, Nutrition and Cleansing
20) Examining Atypical Signs In The Iris & The Eye
21) Atypical Ocular Signs That All Iridologist Should Know
22) Dr. Jensen's Flash Cards
23) Brand New Released August 2019- Understanding The Collarette
24) Brand New Released August 2019- Restoring Liver and Gallbladder Function Through Iridology & Nutrition

All Cd-Rom Power Point's Presented By Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII (Except The Flash Cards By Dr. Bernard Jensen)

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